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About Us

The Work Smart Club Network is your online center for work and well-being. We have resources, connections and great content to make your life more satisfying, more productive, and work more fulfilling. We provide support, resources, and coaching to help you achieve BIG and little goals.

Technology has changed the way we live, work and communicate. It is time to change the way we think about work and leadership. After 20+ years as Executive Coach, Dr. Cynthia Howard recognizes leaders, business owners and savvy professionals need different experiences to engage their potential and learn new ways to succeed in their efforts.

We operate on the Work Smart Principle, that intentional, focused effort increases one's readiness and value. This means you get more done, faster, and you enjoy what you are doing. This is why we are here, to help you enjoy more, achieve more, and live your best life without burning up or burning out! 

Why Work Smart Club Network is Worth Your Time and Energy

We built this network and library of resources to inspire you, support you, and help you reach your goals. They can be BIG or little, work related or personal. Living and working in the digital age has everyone speeding up getting distracted from what matters the most. We will help you focus so you can live and lead more intentionally.

Time is the only resource you can’t get back. Invest it. In you. 
(Don’t just spend it.)

Access to amazing content & resources, 24/7 to help you master your life on and off the job.  

We have amazing content and weekly live broadcasts, Q & A, interviews, all designed to give you the information AND inspiration you need to go for that promotion, strengthen your leadership, start that mindfulness practice, break free of limiting habits, to name a few of the reasons members have joined.

Transform your mindset. We live and work in the digital age. It is time to think differently. We make it easy to stretch beyond status quo.

You will power up your life, advance your career and build a powerful future. Stress and distraction cost potential and your future cannot afford to keep taking hits. Now is the time to take action. Something amazing happens when people of like mind come together, all focused on one thing, making a difference and being the best they can be.

We have resources to strengthen your leadership, build confidence, activate resilience, master problem solving, and so much more. 

Break free of the Imposter Syndrome, be more assertive, learn to set power goals, be more optimistic, learn to problem solve and so much more!

Have meaningful time! As you learn what is most important for you and the value of your time, you will understand how important it is to invest it and not just spend it. And as you invest your time on you and your future; the right things are achieved. This network will help you learn to manage your energy, make great connections, develop skills and get more done!

Rewards for Joining

Your membership in the Work Smart Club Network will pay you dividends, not only in professional confidence, greater opportunities to succeed, resources to manage the energy drains of stressful events, more peace and general satisfaction, but also the following:

  • Early access to exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, announcements, or promotions before they are shared anywhere else.
  • Work Smart Club swag, featured status as a member and mention in social media.
  • Discounts on courses and products, all geared toward elevating your future success.
  • Live events, weekly, Q & A, all recorded for your convenience.  
  • Event tickets, premium options at a member discount.  
  • Connections with people near you, meet people with shared interest and passions.
  • Answers to questions you cannot google the answers to! 
  • Support and validation to help you achieve your goals.

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