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Join us for the smart way to work life balance through purpose, planning and priorities.

Your Network for Success

In 1976 the Beatles put out a song, "With a Little Help from My Friends." Most successful people understand that they had help along the way to get to the top of their mountain.

We built this network and library of resources because we understand the power of connection. We have resources, great content, and a network with whom you can connect to make your life more satisfying, more productive, and more fulfilling. 

Get more time & leverage from our network. Achieve the promotion, get the raise, breakthrough!

We are in a new era since the great disruption of 2020; normal is over and people continue to question what they want their life to look like. It is also time to change the way we think about work and leadership. After 20+ years as Executive Coach, Dr. Cynthia Howard recognizes leaders, business owners and professionals need a new mindset and perspective in order to achieve their goals and have the impact they want to have - personally and professionally.  

TRUTH #1: Happy people are more successful.

TRUTH #2: Happiness doesn't come from things but by stretching oneself beyond your comfort zone.

The way to happiness? Continued learning and growth with a little help from your friends!

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Invest Your Time and Energy

Stop overspending on time and energy leaving you frustrated and flustered, fatigued and afraid you are missing something. There is more information today than ever before and to sort through it and find the right answers, for you, robs your time and depletes your internal resources. And it is your energy, focus and drive that keeps you in front, getting noticed and ahead.

What if you could go online and ask a question, learn from someone else's question, consume a small bite of training, watch a live event, make new connections (and friends) and not lose one minute of sleep?


  • An online library of premium resources: Small bite resources on leadership topics like getting things done, organizing, people skills, problem solving, lean sigma, faith along with courses and in depth information. As a VIP Member you have access to the entire library of resources including courses, templates and tools in a private portal that is linked to the network. 
  • Self-directed and interactive programs to develop those leadership skills to execute confidently. You can also develop amazing people skills for trusting relationships.
  • The Work Smart Network is an online space to ask questions, interact, learn, discuss, share wisdom and experiences.
  • Options for coaching including, one on one and a mastermind, small group format are also part of the network.


Authentic experiences and a supportive community empower you to quickly, easily, and creatively:

  • Develop those much-needed skills in a warp speed world.
  • Leverage your experience and unlock potential through conversations, live events and premium content.
  • Adapt to a rapidly changing world and contribute with your unique strengths and passion. 

Network Perks

Your membership in the Work Smart Club Network will continue to pay you dividends through the building of authentic confidence which leads to opportunities to succeed. You will develop internal resources to manage the energy drains of stressful events and experience greater peace and satisfaction in everyday life.

You also receive the following:

  • Early access to exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, announcements, or promotions before they are shared anywhere else.
  • Updated content to keep up with the acceleration in the workplace.
  • Work Smart Club swag. A cool journal and other gifts.
  • Discounts on specialized courses and products, all geared toward elevating your future success.
  • Live events, weekly live Q & A, all recorded for your convenience.  
  • Event tickets, premium options at a member discount.  
  • Connections with people near you, meet people with shared interest and passions.
  • Answers to questions you cannot google the answers to! 
  • Support and validation to help you achieve your goals.